User Role Selection and Profile Fields

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Hi Drupalers,

I have two user roles with profile fields.

Role 1
Name, Username, Password, Email, Address line 1, Address line 2, Website.

Role 2
Name, Username, Password, Email

I want to let anonymous user to chose user role on registration.
Upon user role selection, I want to show role-related fields interactively (with javascript).
I mean that when select Role 2, Address line 1, Address line 2 and Website fields will be disappeared, and when select Role 1, they will be appeared again.

I currently use 'user_role_field' module and 'autoassignrole' module.
Is there another module to achieve that purpose ?
I'm using Drupal 7.7.

Thank you for any help.
I attached a screen draft what I want to implement.

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Please try

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Please try this: or

Rakesh James

LoginToBoggan is to customize

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LoginToBoggan is to customize drupal login form, isn't it ?
I attached a screen draft to my original post. It is how I want to implement my registration form.
I think I need to write a custom module with hook_form_alter().

With Regards,