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My interest is in creating a module for advanced statistics. It would be interesting to see module code that demonstrates how this would be done.

I need to input large tables and then provide a table entry that is a function of the table contents. For example, a list of numbers would be provided in the table and then an average would be calculated by the module and entered in the table with an identifier. This is a simple example but the actual function would be more complex.


I have an implementation similar to what you stated.

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Check the Probability and Statistics functions at my Drupal-based site,

The module accepts a list of values and work on them accordingly.


Basic math module code @ the following link.

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The following link is a good forum thread about building a math/calculator module for a Drupal 7 node:

-> penguino I hope this is helpful information for you; comment #16 in this thread is the working module code you can copy and modify as you need as long as you don't need to save the result to your data base.

Thanks for the link, I was

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Thanks for the link, I was just thinking of making an advanced stats module myself.


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