Open ICT4D websites in West Africa

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Hi Afropal !

You live in Liberia or Ivory Coast ; let's discuss here about drupal.


Please don't use this group for personal commercial offers or commercials services. All the posts of this kind will be deleted. Sorry.

This group is about Drupal in Côte d'Ivoire and only about events and open source project and sharing ideas and knowledge (Drupal Spirit)

There are places in if you wish to make commercial announcements.



Building a community

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I'm Ulysses from Liberia. I've been trying to develop dynamic web pages with drupal for the past three months and still feel left behind with a lot of stuff like theming for example.
Hope we will share ideas, as drupal is build to be more social, sharing information and tips with each other.

Yours truly,


Hi everyone I'm originally

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Hi everyone
I'm originally from Liberia but currently living in the U.S. Good to see people from Liberia and its surrounding getting involve in Drupal.
I visited the demo site of TU and yes you suck in theming just like me LOL but the good part is the functionality.

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