Community Leader Meeting at DrupalCon Denver

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2012-03-20 (All day) UTC
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User group meeting

Cross posting my blog post from a.d.o.

Do you organize meetings, camps, or sprints?

Come join myself and rocking community organizer Doug Vann for the Drupal Community Leader meetup at DrupalCon Denver. In this two hour meeting and roundtable discussion we'll bring together our organizing powers to spread the power of the Drupal community throughout the world.

What can you expect?

Connect with other community organizers to exchange ideas, join forces, and collaborate on growing your local community group. Discussion will include how to collaborate with other organizers and how the Drupal Association can be used as a force to further camps, meetups, introduce Drupal Days and collaborate together to enhance the toolset available to community organizers and leaders. 

Add this to your schedule at DrupalCon Denver: Let's see what we can build together!



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A raw copy and paste of notes from this google doc:

Discussion priorities
Marketing your camp - branding it
--- GDO,
Recruiting Leaders
Sponsorship - Regional - aggregation
Connecting, networking, Camp templates/knowledge sharing

Dave Terry atl
Pain = Marketing, Attract beyond the usual gang
Encourages everyone to run a business summit.
BOF Wedesday : on organizing business summit

Julian: paris
Attract beyond the usual gang, especially local.

Russel Kepner: Phoenix

Matthew chicago
Bummed about people registering days b4 the camp

Jim Ohio
Getting locals to help organize

Raise more leaders, Attract beyond the usual gang

? Germany
More attendees ,Aattract abroad, myth that Drupal is a YANKEE platform.

Insuarance, Marketing, 3rd party validation,

Scottish Dude
Raising $ so soon after Con.

Mike Anello FL
Raise attendance, Marketing

Joe NY
Competing interest, Loads of chiefs, Thinkers vs Doers, More planning.

George Demet CHI
More targeted events [not one size fits all camp],

Peru [Drupal San Latino]
Sponsors, Volunteers

? Switzerland
Small country, Small user groups, Hard to find volunteers, looking beyond for more ppl,

Getting a Venue, Dealing with the venue,

Tim NM
getting GDO site for SanteFe


Targeted camps,

Kate Lawrence
Venues, Fragmentation

Laura Scott [sponsor]
find out about sponsorship opportunities, growing community,

Jeff Cleveland Ohio
Event Template

Hans IowaCity

Ian Princeton
Finding PPL,

Concerned about spreading Drupal beyond Drupal

Steve Purkiss
GDO groups structure, Fiscal

Volunteer coordination, Curation
Share successes, Spotlight successes
Reach out to the 10 biggest interactive agencies in your town looking for sponsorship.

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

Link Correction

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Here's the correct link to the notes I took durring the meeting.

You must be logged into a google-apps OR gmail acct to view the doc.

Donna, THNX for thinking to share them!

  • Doug Vann [Drupal Trainer, Consultant, Developer]
  • Synaptic Blue Inc. [President]


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Ooops. Donna's link is correct, it simply fails when it is truncated in the email notification from GDO.
So if you want to see the DOC you have to follow the link from the GDO page NOT the email notification.

  • Doug Vann [Drupal Trainer, Consultant, Developer]
  • Synaptic Blue Inc. [President]

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