Porting Biblio to CCK

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Project information

(Original) Project page on drupal.org: http://drupal.org/project/biblio
Student: Kornel Lugosi (Coornail on d.o, Coornail on g.d.o)
Mentor: Kristof Van Tomme (kvantomme)
* Ron Jerome (rjerome@drupal.org)
* Robert Douglass (robertDouglass)
* Benjamin Melançon ( http://drupal.org/user/64383 ; http://agaric.com/contact )

Current status: Planning.


Biblio is a Drupal module that allows users to manage and display lists of scholarly publications. It is currently used on approximately a 1000 installations (and raising). Its use in projects like The Science Collaboration Framework, however is bound to increase its use even more.

Currently the module is still using custom nodes with its own database tables instead of CCK nodes/fields. Because of this it has to implement and maintain it's own widgets, integration with CCK reduce redundancy in the Drupal contrib codebase.  Lately several features from Biblio have been reimplemented in the CCK framework. Also several glue-modules emerged that seek to incorporate functionality that already works for CCK

* Biblio issue: Conversion to CCK data model
* Wiki: Roadmap for making Biblio use CCK nodes

Project schedule
* Convert fields into a cck (Share the exported fields with the community for verification, Integrate it with the module, share the code)
* Implement field visibility setting
* Create the views and search functions (need ideas) [->Faceted search integration]
* Make the update path (need example database dumps from the community)
* Port the import/export functionality