[newbie] Simple token in textarea not being processed

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hi folks,

firstly apologies for what is probably a dumb question. However, this has driven me to the point of madness.

Objective: in a custom content type, print the site name (or user name) using the token [site:name]

Setup: Drupal 7.10 + Token Insert 7.x-2.0 + Token Filter 7.x-1.1

I have created a basic new content type. In the Body field I insert [site:name]. When I create an instance of that content, what is printed to screen is literally [site:name] and not the name of the site.

I have checked permissions, cleared cache, ensured the token is available using Token Insert configuration.

I know this is really basic, however at this stage I can't see the "wood for the trees".

any advice, etc. is gratefully appreciated.
rgds Dave


Text Formats

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Token Filter adds a new filter that you can enable on a Text Format. Have you made sure that the Token Filter is enabled on the Text Format you are choosing while creating the Body or otherwise?

You can visit admin/config/content/formats to verify.

Text Formats

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Vishun, you are a gem!
Thank you very much, of course it was the text format filter.

Problem solved.
rgds Dave


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