Drupal Unit Testing over Windows

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Hi there, I'm using Windows 7, IIS, PHP 5.3.10 nts running with FastCGI, SQL Server 2008 R2 with PDO 2.0 drivers for windows to run Drupal.

I'm suffering a very slow behavior running the Drupal Tests, never ends to run the tests, the others parts of the site works fine.

Any thought about what may is happening ?


It *is* slow.

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The full test suite does take quite a while to run.

The full test suite takes almost an hour on our high-performance (and highly optimized) testbots, which run 8 tests concurrently ... your local machine is likely operating with a concurrency of 1.

The test runner is doing more than just simply PHP unit tests ... it's running web test cases which require refreshing/installing a Drupal 'test' site for each new collection of tests.

That said, there has been a renewed effort to improve this situation for D8, which has resulted in a 100% improvement in the time taken to run the full test suite ... The D8 core test suite now runs in just under 20 minutes on our testbots instead of nearly an hour for D7.