Time to make a Workflow Initiative?

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I'm sure we can all remember the former state of media in the Drupalverse, when the options were the Image, Video, and Audio modules (that all did things differently). Looking at how they were brought together, re-invented, and rebuilt as part of the media initiative, might it be time to do the same with workflows?

There are currently a lot of modules that attempt to handle workflows, including the Workflow, Workbench, StateMachine, and in some ways Rules - with each doing so in their own way. I'd love to see a solid API built for workflows that can easily be extended.




Thanks! I saw and read

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Thanks! I saw and read through that, however I didn't see anything about stepping back and looking at it from a higher level to determine how it should be built based on how it is used.

From what I could tell it seems like that is more so working on taking what exists already and creating a single code base. One of the key things with the Media Initiative was that many times the big question of "Why" was asked in order to make things more streamlined and useful.

So the question I have is - is the goal to merge the modules or to revisit all of the assumptions of the modules and make something new?

Also state field

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Don't forget DamZ' state field module http://drupal.org/sandbox/damz/1550106 which enables multiple independent workflows on arbitrary entities.

I see rlangille_'s point...

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As the effort to bake one very specific workflow into core as part of the CSI forges ahead, it looks as if the benefits of having a flexible workflow API in core underlying all that seems to be getting overlooked.

If I'm wrong about this, someone please correct me.

While to me it seems obvious that they're very closely related, it's hard for me to see how the effort to coalesce the various extant workflow modules integrates with what's actually being worked on to get the CSI out the door. In fact, doing a search for the word 'workflow' in the CSI group on D.O yields no results. Is there a disconnect here that's not getting picked up on?