CRM / Party Update Meeting

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2012-04-20 15:00 - 15:30 UTC

Another Quick update on the CRM/ Party stuff. At the moment its mainly party people who go to these meetings and so we'll just be doing a small status update and talk about whats happening next as development looks to be going all out next month.

Anyone however is welcome to join us from any of the other iniatives if you want to give an update about where you are at or find out what we are up to.

20th of April, 3-3:30pm UK time


looking forward to it...

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looking forward to it...

Just had a Meeting. There are

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Just had a Meeting. There are a bunch of different people working with Party now who attended:

rlmumford: Working on a website that uses Party to manage students for a university course
yautja_cetanu: working with a client that wants to use Party to have a fully integrated CRM + Front-Facing Website + Public Database of organisations in their industry + Social stuff.
David Connerth: Working with a client that is interested in using a simple version of party, particularly interested in mailing at the moment
freelocke: Interested in party but not working with it yet. He works with people who use OpenAtrium alot but are wanting to move to D7.

We extensively discussed how Party should handle mailing. A write-up of that aspect can be found here.

Our aim is to have another meeting in roughly a month.


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