Help out usability testing the Content creation page

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Drupal 8 wants to provide a much-improved workflow for content creators. One of the most critical screens in this is the content creation page.

We have started to build a prototype of our plans at Implement the new create content page design, which is now ready to be usability tested. A step we think is vital for making big changes like these to Drupal Core.

Content Creation UX Study Plan outlines our plan for usability testing this prototype, however we need help from the community! Do you know a content creator, who is or isn't familiar with Drupal? Then you can help us carry out this usability test.

  1. Let us know you have participant(s) you can test.
  2. Make sure they qualify for the test using the screener
  3. Add your participant to the testing schedule
  4. Carry out the usability test following the test guide, and if possible record it
  5. Add the results to our analysis sheet

That's all! We have really enjoyed usability testing with community members in the past, if you have any questions you can always reach the UX-Team on IRC in #drupal-usability or by e-mail.


Should we include ourselves?

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Hi, Bojhan -- thanks for doing this! I'd like to offer myself as a tester, and appear to qualify. A couple of questions:

1) Are experienced/community-oriented Drupalists useful? Or might we be too tainted already by "the echo chamber"?

2) If so, should I just add myself to the Participant Sheet? Or do something else?


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Tom, Thank you for offering

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Thank you for offering to be a participant. Currently, we do have our full share of existing users to be tested. If we need more, I will contact you for sure. But if you have participants in mind who haven't used Drupal (but use other CMS for content creations), please pass the word.

Thanks again for the help!

Dharmesh Mistry
UX Researcher | Acquia,Inc.