"Login Security" module uses and roadmap for a 6.x stable release

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Hi, I'm in process of creating stable release of the "login security" module, and would like to inform current users of this module about it to recall their ideas and most used features, and remove (or not) the rest of them.

Don't know how to make a public call about it, and would not like to create a release to make this kind of notice so everyone will have to update their module version, so I've decided to create it here.

If you have any consideration or would like to know about this stable release please go to:



Can you cross-post this to

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Can you cross-post this to the security group? Thanks!

Close to the 1.0 :)

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Hi all,

Deekayen has done a great effort in many of the open issues, and now we think the module could be quite stable for a last testing, before tagging as 1.0. With a new feature and some tests, the module looks to be working. Just a few 'last minute' issues were created, regarding documentation and administration interface, but they will not affect the funcionality at all.

I'd be happy if the module is tested before its first stable release, so if you have something to say about it, do it now :)

An update about the status could be found in the same issue: http://drupal.org/node/397890