Responsive Drupal Themes Meetup

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2012-05-09 12:00 - 15:00 America/Denver
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User group meeting

Thanks to Christopher's recent poll and hard work on setting this up, we've scheduled a meetup to discuss Responsive and Mobile Drupal Themes.


There's a lot to this, but, basically, responsive themes allow your site's content to resize and lay out differently based on the size of the device viewing the content (large monitor, small laptop, iPad/tablet, iPhone/other phone, etc). A popular responsive Drupal theme is Omega. We'll discuss this theme, among others, as well as general responsive/mobile design techniques.

If you've got questions, feel free to ask here beforehand so we'll be prepared to answer.

Here are some other responsive/mobile resources you may want to check out:

Drupal-specific responsive theming resources

General resources on responsive web design


Date: Wednesday, May 9th
Time: 12:00-3:00pm
Location: ZooTown Brew

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Surprise, surprise, surprise

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Guess what just showed up in my inbox?

Aquia is going to host a one hour seminar: [Upcoming Webinar] Build a Responsive Website with Drupal

Even more exciting? It's the same day/time as our event!

You can sign up for the Aquia event and receive a link to the recording of the event to watch it any time you desire. So I suggest registering to watch this after our event.

Aquia rebuilt their new website-template using Omega.

Great meetup

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Good turnout! And good to see some new faces. This is an exciting space in Drupal, I learned a lot. Thanks again to Christopher for spearheading this!


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Great group! Thanks to everyone who made it out.

As promised, here are some resources from our discussion yesterday (in no particular order...and not all "from" our discussion) (also see resources in original event post above):

I'm sure there are lots more. Please feel free to share your favorites here in the comments.

Great links....

opegasus's picture, when do you have time to source and read all these?

In "A framework for discussing responsive images solutions" the very good point was made in regards to cropping for the smaller screen sizes. I can see a module or plugin for the image tool kit (Image Styles) that the content provider would:

  • upload an image
  • have to step through a WYSIWYG that has them select 2-3-4 different sizes for each of the screen displays.
  • No, I can't write that module. :-(

What I like about the Omega | Delta | Omega tools and Context package is that in regards to "Responsive CSS that scales" all the scaling CSS is handled with the sub-theme'ing, as I recall.

I really like how Mat Marquis and friends designed The Boston Globe. Notice the complete redesign of the menu at Mobile size. Very nice job. I found that while reading your link Responsive Images: How they Almost Worked and What We Need.

Thanks again Scott.

Responsive Data Tables

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Thanks for organizing this, Christopher. It was nice to meet all of you yesterday.

See also Chris Coyer's post on responsive data tables.

Oh, yes. Those data tables

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Oh, yes. Those data tables were impressive.

For a wee bit more on Omega as a whole,

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check out Jake Strawn's video on the Delta Module.
I think some of the more advanced aspects will actually help visualize the 'concert' or interplay of modules.

Additionally, Creating a Subtheme Using Omega Tools will be a good page should you decide to use the Omega responsive system.

My many thanks to Scott and Andy for stepping up and doing the lion's share of presenting on Responive Theme'ing/Mobile first.

Good luck to Scott on nailing down the ankle biters on his first Responsive build! Looks great so far.