Coming to the DrupalCamp party? Submit a lightning talk!

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Hey everyone,

We're getting things ready for a super-fun DrupalCamp party this Friday! There will be plenty of socializing, some tasty snacks brought to you by a local food truck, free drinks, and a few surprises.

One of the things that made last year's party both fun and inspirational was a series of short presentations about cool and locally-relevant Drupal projects. Have you worked on a Drupal site you want to share? Have you found a module or solution you want to present? Can you talk about it for 7 minutes?

The lightning talk format is very informal. Each presenter can talk for up to 7 minutes (there will be a timer). You can think of a topic on the fly, but if already know there's something you'd like to talk about, please post a comment to this discussion to give us all a teaser. This will help us break up the "minnesota ice" and let us schedule the first few speakers to get the ball rolling.

The party is free for each DrupalCamp attendees and a guest and limited to the first 150 attendees. Please register for the party to hold your seat. If you don't register ahead of time, make sure to bring your camp badge for entry.

We'll have the theater space at Intermedia Arts. It's your chance to shine!


US Bank Connect

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I'll present on a website project we created in Drupal 7 for US Bank Connect. There's definitely 7 minutes of features to talk about!

Looking forward to it!

Ouch! Wish I could hear it!

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Just cannot be there, but you'll have to tell me about it sometime -- I'm going to miss all of these!

Gorton Studios

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We'll be there and we'd be happy to do a short presentation on a recent project. Perhaps MinnPost?

U of M Libraries

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I'll be there and can talk about the Ojibwe People's Dictionary site.

Twin Cities

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