Missing CAPTCHA image

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? I've just installed CAPTCHA (6.x-1.0-rc2) as one of my sites was being bombarded with new user registrations. I selected the image option, installed a font, and could see the example image in the admin panel. However, when I attempt to register as an anonymous user I can't see the image. Have a look http://www.capiro.co.uk/node/112

The image path is http://www.capiro.co.uk/image_captcha/1077246294 which I don't understand 'cos the directory doesn't exist! However, that is the same path as used in the admin pages where it works?

Another twist is it works fine on my home test site (PC). It's just when I move it to the live site (Unix) that I get the problem. I assume it is probably a permissions issue but can't guess what folder I need to modify the permissions on.

Anyone got any suggestions?


User 0

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Ok, I've discovered what the problem was. The production environment didn't have a user 0.