Tri-Cities Drupal Meetup?

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I have lived in "Super East Van" for the past 2 years, but I think I have yet to make it to a single local user group meeting because I am almost always on the road when the meetup is happening. :( So I was thinking about starting a third meetup at a coffee shop down the street from here in Port Moody, which I can get to fairly easily and can also plan the meetups for days that I am actually home. ;)

I'm curious if I were to start one of these if anyone else would come, and how best to schedule them so they don't conflict with other group activities. Thoughts/suggestions?


Tri-Cities would be great

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Katy's got a great group in Surrey that I never have time to get to. Steve's got another great group downtown that I've had a hard time getting to, even though I work in Vancouver. A casual/formal get together in Port Moody would be great.

As far as coordinating schedules, I always propose this and am met with resistance. So here goes:

Why not pick a numerical date, and let it fall where it may: Weekday, Weekend, Stat, whatever? Everyone already has 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th whatever of the month. But if we just make it, "The 12th of every month", then at every meeting a core group may show up, and others can work out whether the Tri Cities meeting takes precedence over other meetups that might happen to fall on the same day of the week for that month.

I've got three meetings scheduled for the last Monday of every month. It's a hassle to juggle them all.

Tri-Cities would be great

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I would love to come (I live in Port Moody). Cafe Divano would be a great venue for the meetup. Weekdays would work for me. I agree with tonychung on "The 12th of every month" type of schedule.


Tri-Cities would be great

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I would attend.


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Ok, well this coming Thursday is the Vancouver Drupal meetup, and next Friday is the business summit/camp. Looks like Surrey is every 2nd Thursday, Vancouver is last Thursday of the month.

I'm game with trying "The Nth of the month" and seeing how that works out. How about the 7th, like Drupal 7 and that will be easy to remember. ;) Looks like I'm home on the 7th of at least the next 4 months. :) And they seem to alternate between weekday/weekends.

So. Proposal is 7th of the month, at Divano's, and we'll re-visit in a couple of months to see if that still makes sense. If no objections, I'll go ahead and create an event node.

Great idea for Try-Cities group

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Like others tried to make downtown and out to Surrey.. the 7th and midweek is great.

meeting dates

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Reviewing dates... suggest the 12th as a starting point...

First meeting set up for the 7th

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Hi justhemes: Thabks for the support! Webchick set up our first event for Thursday June 7. Hope that you can still make it!