Is Dries Buytaert coming to Rome?

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Since the founding of Drupalistas in Rome, I've met 4 people that work with Drupal. They all work in FAO. I also heard about the possibility of a Drupal product presentation on July 5th in FAO, and that talks are being held with Dries to come to Rome and give a presentation.
All in all very exciting news, and I want to try to organize a member meeting within the next 14 days. As soon as I have a meeting room (probably in the FAO library, otherwise in room A201 bis) I will create an event.

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Drupal presentation at FAO

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The Drupal presentation for FAO colleagues will take place on June 28th, probably from 2pm to 4pm.
The presenter will be Cyril Reinhard from Aquia.
We told him that we would also like to have a larger meeting with the community of Drupalistas in Rome. We have to decide if we want to have this meeting on the same day (which would mean only 1 hour from 4pm to 5pm) or on the previous or following day, depending on Cyril's engagements.

Presentation by Cyril Reinhard, Acquia

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In the Drupalistas first meeting on 13 June we discussed about this Drupal presentation and decided as a group upon joining the presentation, after which Cyril and the Drupalistas will have one hour together to get to know each other and exchange thoughts.
After five o' clock we will be happy to show Cyril some Roman hospitality by bringing him to OTR (opposite the road), and continue in a more relaxed way.

Anyone living/working in and around Rome is invited to join.

Great news

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This is great looking forward to it...:)