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Hello all, first time post for me!

I'm working on my first Drupal site and it's been great fun so far, but now I've hit a wall with something. The site is about roleplaying, so I want the profile node (character) to be as separate from the account page (player) as possible. I'm using Content Profile, and it seems that the closest I can get with settings is to only show a link to the profile in the user page, but I still have no idea how to link to a specific user's profile node instead of the user page. Ideally, I'd like to output all "User: Name" fields in Views2 to link to the profile node of the author instead of the user page, and also a menu link to the currently logged in user's profile node.

Is this doable? I've got no PHP experience to speak of, except what I've had to learn-by-doing in the creation of this site, but I'm definitely not afraid of using it.

This is a big and important feature for the site in my mind so whoever can tell me how it might be done will have my everlasting gratitude!

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Character content type

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I'm not sure if this is the best solution, but my approach to this would be to create a new content type called "Character". Users can create one or more characters and then you can create a view to display on a user's account page.

Thank you for the response,

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Thank you for the response, that was one way I hadn't thought about. There can only be one character per user though, and I want to bypass the user page altogether, only having a link there in case someone's curious about another user. The main part will always be the profile.

Yesterday I found a very nice workaround, not exactly what I thought I was looking for, but so far it's turned out great. Using Pathauto to assign a predictable path to profiles based on their author's UID and then outputting "User: Name" links to link to /profile/[uid], as described in this thread:

Using Rules, I also managed to make a menu link to the current user's profile through a Page Redirect rule when viewing a page of a certain content type, of which I only have one. That page then has a menu link and that's that.