Drupalistas meeting with Cyril Reinhard, Acquia today at 14.00 hours in the D-bar

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2012-06-28 14:00 - 16:00 Europe/Amsterdam

Drupalistas meet Cyril: 28 June 2012 14:00-15:00 (GMT+01:00)
Where: D-bar (Building D, ground floor), FAO, Rome, Italy


Dear Colleagues,

In the context of the further development of the FAO Corporate website it is suggested to explore options for Web Content Management systems. A series of presentations on possible options are being organized for interested staff to better understand their potential use in the Organization.

The next demonstration in this sequence is on Drupal and will be presented by Cyril Reinhard (http://www.linkedin.com/in/cyrilreinhard), Director, Acquia France and Southern Europe (http://www.acquia.com). The presentation will be about 45 minutes followed by a question and answer session.
The presentation will take place in the Iran Room (Building B, 1st Floor) from 14:00 to 16:00.
Please encourage other colleagues who have an interest to attend.

Following the presentation Cyril Reinhard will be exclusively available to the Drupalistas, Rome for one hour. Location of this meeting will be communicated later. Time (of Cyril) permitting we might go for a get2gether somewhere else in Rome.

Any interested people from outside the Rome based UN-organizations (either FAO, IFAD or WFP) should send an email with their full name to Eljay.bos at FAO.org. Use the subject line to tell for which event you want to sign up. Security will be informed about your arrival.

Kind regards,

Eljay Bos
Mobile Italy:+39 3392403630


ignore, if possible delete this

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Comment sent by mistake not having read the full post that contains the answer to the question I was asking. Sorry about it

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