Last Meeting Before Summer

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2012-07-11 16:00 - 17:00 Europe/Rome

On request we will organize one more meeting before summer holidays. Meeting on Wednesday 11 July, 16.00 hours at FAO, meeting room A-201-bis (same as last time).

1. Welcome
2. Feedback presentation Acquia
3. Feedback Drupal Standards & Best Practice, WFP
4. Feedback WFP Web Development Guidelines
5. Topics to be covered after the holidays
6. Happy Holidays

We follow the same procedure for those who work outside the UN and want to participate. Send your name and last name to eljay dot bos @ fao. org so I can forward this to security.

Attached you'll find three documents. First one are the minutes of the first meeting. The other two we are meant to give feedback to Andrew.

Looking forward meeting all of you again.


First meeting Drupalistas Rome.doc32 KB
WFP Web Development Guidelines.pdf220.32 KB
Drupal Best Practises Guideline.pdf669.55 KB


I'll be there

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Hi, I'll be happy to meet you all, and to get to know your drupalist way. See you July the 11th. Cheers

Last notification for meeting today 11 July

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Don't forget today is the last meeting before the holidays. New participants need to send me their name (first, last) to notify FAO security. eljay.bos at

Upon arrival tell security to call me: Eljay Bos, extension: 52931

Don't forget that today we promised Andrew to give feedback.

See you all at 16.00 hours


Unfortunately can't be there

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Unfortunately I won't be there, I am still at work, dealing with a client and his requests! Hope you enjoy the meeting.

Drupalistas Rome, Italy

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