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In the past ~1.5 years at Acquia, I've seen a bit of info about how to do Drupal training at camps that may be helpful to others. Please augment with your thoughts.

There are a few models of training & cost going around the camp world.
1. Training runs at market pricing, and is arranged by a Training Company (w/marketing support of camp). Company keeps all (or most) of revenue.
2. Training runs at market pricing, is arranged & marketed by Camp, and revenue is split (some %) between camp & Company
3. Training cost is reduced, in exchange Company gets some sponsorship. Revenue is either split or given 100% to Company.
4. Training is free, Company gets sponsorship.

The model chosen depends on a few factors, including if the training company has comparable paid training happening around the time/location of the camp. Generally, camps look to involve Training Companies in the surrounding geographic area.

These Training Companies can all provide part day or full day (1 or 2 day courses) training prior to the event, or during the event, or after the event.

There is also HelloDrupal - which anyone is welcome to use (http://training.acquia.com/hellodrupal) and deliver before/during/after the event. We're always happy to have someone at Acquia walk anyone who wants to deliver from your camp through this material, and also happy to help promote HelloDrupal training events that occur at camps. Just let us know (training@acquia.com) that it is happening, and also please report back to us how many people show up (we're trying to keep track globally for Acquia and the Drupal Association).

In terms of how much training you should put on - the rule of thumb I've been hearing from folks is that max 1/3 of camp attendees sign up for training. So if you're expecting 300 people at camp, don't try and fill more than 100 training seats.

If you do run free training, we do suggest that participants pony up some minimal "commitment fee" - say $5 to $20 - this ensures they actually show up and that you can resource plan appropriately.

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