want to rebuilt my site . help please

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i am new to drupal and i want to rebuild my site in drupal .
can any one help me that what could i do in this regard .
i am not getting it so please help me , , ,
any tutorials or any thing .. thanx plzzz



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Try lynda.com they have lots of good tutorials or try drupalgardens.com.
Good luck


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I learned the most by those two

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To learn it from start there is "nodeone" where they are making great tutorial series. And the one that fits most to you might be this one o nwhich they are working right know:


And to peek into some special topics I no nothing more impressive and right to the point than those at ...


yeah it's quiet helpful

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yeah it's quiet helpful

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Lynda.com has some very good tutorials. It's good to take notes, the main guy talks a little fast, and there's a lot of material. In one video he shows you how to set up a DAMP stack on your computer so you can run everything local, and then upload it to your server when you're ready.

There's also a lot on YouTube that's very good, and it won't cost you anything.

My own personal suggestion is to set up your theme in AdaptiveTheme/Corolla/FooTheme. There's also good documentation on it. And it's very stable (Drupal 7).

Best Wishes.

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