Workflow: how to send email to previous editor of a node

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I am running Drupal 6 and the workflow module and I need to send an email to the last
user that edited a page when it get rejected so they know that they need to look at the
page and fix the problem. I also have the Token module running and it provides several
special tokens to use but there is not a previous editor token. I tried these tokens:
[workflow-current-state-updating-user-uid] uid of last state changer
[workflow-current-state-updating-user-mail] email of last state changer

These token give you the current updater that happens to be the user that is logged in
or [user-mail] [user-name].

Is there a way to get a hold of the previous editor to put that on the recipient
to send an email when the changes are rejected?





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Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but apparently the following tokens are available with the Revisioning module:

  • vid: Node revision ID
  • revision-title: Revision title
  • revision-author-uid: Revision author's user id
  • revision-author-name: Revision author's user name
  • revision-author-name-raw: Revision author's user name -- aw user input.
  • revision-author-mail: Revision author's e-mail
  • revision-author-mail-raw: Revision author's e-mail -- raw user input.

See Issue #633114 Token for revision author.

Cheers -

Thanks for the reply

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HI othermachines,
I was able to solved my problem by using RULES were I force a chance
of the owner's name to the editor's name when the page is edited.
After this I use tokenize email where you do get a choice of different
pre-set variable fields to use in your email.

I will look at to see how it can be done using REVISIONS

Thanks for your reply!!!!


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