Pre-DrupalCon Munich Field API architectural meetup, needs sponsors !

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We are holding a Field API architectural meetup in Munich the weekend before DrupalCon (Sat the 18th to Mon the 20th), next to the D8 Multilinguial Initiative sprint.

Practical info

The sprint starts at 9am the three days.

On Saturday and Sunday:

The sprinting venue is "" -
Westendstraße 123, München
Subway U4 or U5, "Heimeranplatz" stop, 500m walk
Tram 18 or 19, "Trappentreustraße" stop, 200m walk

On Monday:

The sprinting venue is the DrupalCon venue itself
Westin Grand
Arabellastrasse 6, München
Subway U4, "Arabellapark" stop

I wrapped up a small Google map with both venues:

For more info about public transportation: :-)
Also, attached is the PDF map of the Subway they posted over there
(U & S subway/rail networks, does not include tram lines)


The agenda is to keep Field API in line with the D8 architectural changes:

  • OO Field API (Fields types, widgets, formatters as Plugins; $field and $instance as classed objects ?)
    The preliminary code in the plugins-field-api branch needs a solid architectural review, and a plan to attack the core queue with digestable patches.
  • Field API vs CMI (getting $field and $instance in some CMI files somewhere somehow)
    Along with 'Views in core', Field API is probably going to be one of the trickiest things to get in the new config system, and is therefore an important test case for the CMI concepts and flows. Also, no-one wants to have fields stay out of the config-out-of-the-db movement in D8...
  • Field API vs Property API
    Trying to figure out if/how we can unify the DX for working with $entity->field_foo and $entity->title, if/how we can make widgets and formatters work on non-fields.

Attendees for now :
myself (yched), sun, heyrocker, fago, effulgentsia, swentel, alexpott, xjm, fubhy.

Please help !

The meetup will be more about architectural discussions than patching frenzy (for now!), and, even though people are welcome to join, we're not specifically looking for more sprinters at this point.

What we are looking for :-), on the other hand, is :

  • generous sponsors to secure the sprinting venue and help with food & drinks to keep the coding fast and the morale high! (we don't really want to steal the funds the i18n team collected for their own sprint...).
    Our current sponsors : Cap Gemini, Krimson, Le Figaro. Join the list ! :-)
  • spare beds in the local Munich community, to host attendees that cannot fund the extra hotel nights.

Please contact me if you can help on one of these topics !

mvv-muenchen_s-und-u-bahn.pdf672.34 KB


Emergency call : we're

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Emergency call : we're missing one bed for a late sprinter.
Anyone with a couch and pillow in the Munich drupal scene ?
We're talking three nights, from Fri 17th to Mon 20th.

Practical details

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I updated the OP above with the details about the venue.
See you folks over there !


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