Downtown Los Angeles Drupal governance policy conference call #1 on August 9, 2012

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2012-08-09 14:00 - 15:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

Several of the Downtown Los Angeles Drupal organizers have scheduled an open conference call on on August 9, 2012 between 2-3pm Pacific (5-6pm Eastern).

In light of recent events that led to banning a member of the community, the agenda will consist of discussion around the proposed Downtown Los Angeles Drupal governance policy at

For calling in by phone and Skype, we use FreeConferenceCallHD. To receive the conference call information, click the Signup button below. Anyone who's interested in being part of this discussion or is just interested in observing governance in action is welcome to join us.


There's a good post about

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There's a good post about what's happening around governance in open source user groups in the community and beyond at Dries Buytaert's website. I recommend that if you're reading this comment that you read this, as well:

This is the first post I've seen in the Drupal community that follows the Community Leadership Summit in Portland from a few weeks back. I, for one, welcome anyone who attended the conference to join our conference call.

Minutes from governance policy conference call #1

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Miguel, Lee, Oliver and Christefano were present on this call.

Discussion: Local vs. International Governance

Discussion: Recent Events in Los Angeles

  • Discussion of recent events where members of the community have been banned or acted in ways to possibly warrant it
  • Christefano is to propose a new section on "how people become members and how people are removed as members" to the proposed governance policy at
  • Discussion of what do do around [the recent member whose account has been banned for inappropriate behavior]. Everyone is supportive of finding a structured way to allow this person back into the community (and community events) and into good standing
  • Lee will take the lead roll in this initiative
  • All others on the call are supportive of this and will step in to the best of their abilities if Lee is away for some reason

Discussion: Slander, Libel and Passive-Aggressive Behavior

  • Christefano brings up a complex food-for-thought example of slander, libel and passive-aggressive behavior and asks if the decision from the previous discussion would handle this case, as well
  • Is it even possible to remove someone from the community?
  • Christefano does not really want the effect of banning someone to cause fallout greater than the benefits of removing that person from the community
  • Oliver suggests that the group focuses on promoting professional behavior in both group events and online
  • General agreement by all on the conference call that slander and libel is also disruptive to community and is regarded as inappropriate behavior

Next Steps

  • Lee will talk with the other founders at Droplabs, a place and community designed to be a permanent venue for Los Angeles Drupal activity, about possibly bringing [above member] back into good standing
  • Christefano will propose a new section on "how people become members and how people are removed as members" to the governance policy
  • The next governance conference call will focus on discussions around how to add and remove both members and organizers.