D8 Entity API Sprint at DrupalCon Munich!

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2012-08-24 09:00 - 2012-08-26 17:00 Europe/Vienna
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Let's continue sprinting on the D8 entity API at the DrupalCon Munich Sprints. There are lots of issues you can help with to ensure the entity API in D8 will be more sane - so help out and join us for sprinting on the Entity API!


  • Friday, 24th August - at the official DrupalCon sprints
  • Saturday 25th August - Sunday 26th August - we'll join the multilingual initative sprints!


For Friday, signing up here does it. If you'd like to join us at the weekwend as well, please also signup for the respective days at the d8mi sprint here!


Apart from the misc issues we want to focus on

  • Unifying Entity and Field storage systems: Move on with the work begun in Denver.
  • Entity Property API - I'll make sure we have a first patch ready, so if that works out we can already start converting all entity types to it!

I've setup a tiny URL for sprint related issues:


Also, feel free to tag further suiting issues with "Entity system" and "sprint".


Do you still need sprinters

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Do you still need sprinters for Sunday/Monday 19-20 Aug?

If so please advise what to do in order to get up to speed on the current development? Or shall I simply take an issue from the tiny url list and start working on it?

I'll join the field api

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I'll join the field api sprint for Sunday/Monday 19-20 Aug to figure out how fields and properties should play together. But yes, of course it would be great if you can get started earlier. Just pick an issue of the tiny-url list, assign it to yourself and get started - I'll be around for questions!

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