Nebraska Drupalers Group August Meetup (Omaha)

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2009-08-25 19:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

Share your Drupal achievements, discoveries, questions and even frustrations with your local open source community/colleagues.

  • Meet and greet starts at 7:00 PM.
  • Presentations and discussions are between 7:30 and 8:30pm.
  • At 8:30 (or whenever we get done) we'll head out to a local bar to continue hanging out.

With this being our first official meetup, things may be a little rough and we'll just find out what works along the way. Please come with ideas for what you think these meetups should be for you. For the most part, the agenda is open. Maybe you have something you'd like to showcase or discuss? Or questions relating to a project you have? The meetups are for you!

The meet-up will take place at:
Envoy, Inc.
3317 N 107th St
Omaha, NE 68134

NOTE: We are planning on having our regular meetups on the third ThursdayTuesday of the month and they will hopefully alternate between Omaha and Lincoln.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, sharing our interest in Drupal, and getting started with having regular meetups!


Lincoln Location

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I spoke with my management and it sounds like they are more than happy to let us host meetups at our office when we start alternating.

I still need to extend some invites to some of the Lincoln folks I know to get involved here in the groups area. I think until we have a larger Lincoln group we could do the meetups in Omaha. I don't mind traveling to get to them.

Our office is located on the southwest side of Lincoln ( We have a large showroom as well as some smaller conference rooms. Wireless is also available.

Nice work on organizing the Omaha meetup guys. Look forward to seeing you there.


That's awesome! Since we're

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That's awesome! Since we're starting in Omaha I'd like to start alternating now and make it regular. Since we're going to be doing the 3rd Tuesday every month, does September 13th work ok at Pickering? I think that still leaves plenty of time to get people interested and I'd love to be able to start getting that event details on the sites as well.

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I'll check

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It's good to have some lead time. I will check into it. I noticed that on the first post in this thread about the meetups it says "regular meetups on the third Thursday of the month". Are we doing Tuesdays? If so could you update that post?

Also, I think the third Tuesday of September is the 15th actually.

I'll check on that date unless you tell me otherwise.

Well crap. Yes, it would be

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Well crap. Yes, it would be the 15th. Thanks for pointing it out. Oops!

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Correction from this event's

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Correction from this event's details: we're going to be having the regular meetups on the third Tuesday of the month. Not the third Thursday. Sorry for the mistake and thanks jimmynash for noticing it!

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Thank you everyone for

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Thank you everyone for coming. Thought we had a pretty good start and I'm looking forward to the September meetup in Lincoln. Next Omaha meetup will be in Omaha on October 20!

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Looking at CMS at UNL

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Thanks Patrick for the note, I'm chairing a committee at UNL trying to figure out the CMS horizon. Hope to make the meetup in a couple of weeks. Thanks again.