Layout sugestion to help our eyes focusing faster when scrolling

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This is just a simple and quick layout improvement sugestion, to help our eyes focusing faster on the begining of next (or previous) post when scrolling.

It will be specially usefull for lists containing posts with:

  • long (high) summaries
  • no picture
  • entire titles lowercased
  • H2 or HR tags in summary

The sugestion is to add a top border on every row (marking it's begining) with a CSS code like:
div.views-row{border-top:1px solid #d8d8d2;padding-top:5px;}

Here is an example of it for home (on Aug 24th).

Hope it helps.


Can you propose this over at

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Can you propose this over at ?

That's where it would need to get fixed and then g.d.o would get the updated theme from there.



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Thanks for clarifying that for me.

Ramon 3Magnus

500 internal server error

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The example page has a 500 internal server error.

500 internal server error

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the error "500 internal server error" because permission can not is set, please change to 444 then retest

The example link won't work

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The example link won't work anymore, but you can see the separation line I'm suggesting on any topic from with responses (comments).

The line is already used to separate comments. I just suggested using it on goups front pages too, to separate posts.

Ramon 3Magnus


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Okay. Thats a good suggestion worth consideration.

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