Creation of a Rome based Drupal Information & Expertise Center, Italy.

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Dear Drupalista,

I want to create a Drupal Information & Expertise Center, Italy (DIECI) that will provide information regarding Drupal (e.g. to the Press or give presentations to Chamber of Commerce members), as well as expert advice, consulting services, and website and intranet products to the UN, small and medium (Italian) enterprises, and not-for-profit organizations and NGO's.

Are you interested to become part of this initiative, either as a full fledged team member, otherwise as part of the consultants network?

Let me know how you would like to participate, and send me an email to eljay.bos(at)



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Great Idea

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This is a really great idea, there's a lot of Drupal talent in Italy and this will provide a platform for us to showcase our skills and Drupal in the long run.

Count on us

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We're really interested in becoming an active part of the Center.

You can count on us!


I'm new to coding, but am

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I'm new to coding, but am going to at least have a stab at this.

As I can best understand it, the approach is to create a CCK field type and attach the themed output to its field array, which would allow the imported event info to be output by Views, Display Suite, etc. It seems like this can be done without messing with the data handling code too much...

If anyone with more experience with module development wants to lend a hand, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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DrupalCon 2013 Praga

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Salve, qualcuno di Roma sarà al DrupalCon di Praga la prossima settimana?