Snowman for local Drupal UG

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In his Pay it forward article, Sun came with a great idea : let's use the Snowman distribution to organize local groups and meetups.

Since some even say that snowman is dead, this could be a great way to bring it back to life :).

For the beginning, it could be really simple :

  • public user listing
    • "fancy" with pictures, with some attributes hidden
  • private user listing
    • visible only to members
    • some detail available
    • search
  • events
    • title
    • date
    • description

--event signup-- is allready over the top - it should be very simple in the beginning ...

As much as i like planning and analysis, i think trying to make it work will be more important here :).

I personally get stuck pretty soon when trying to think about ways how to do this :

  • views ?
    • they are not in core yet ... there is a branch called 8 - does it work ? does it make sense to use it now ?
    • or should we try to use the way of the Red Hen - using EntityFieldQuery instead ?
  • testing infrastructure
    • I have a feeling that propper distribution development is way more efficient with sofisticated infrastructure - i admire the setup that Commerce is using and wonder what others have in this field - it would be great if some of these could help.


sorry, i only saw the

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sorry, i only saw the original snowman presentation now :).

so i suggest these first easy use cases :

Use Cases :

  • see the planned events
  • see what was done
  • see the members (in more detail for memebers)

and yes, it doesnt have to be a complicated distribution development project in the beginning.