managing "promote to front" nodes on GDO

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The DrupalCampOhio node was created in MAY and the camp is in DEC. The node is promoted to front page but the node is old. As a result the node is on page 2. Today we added a comment to the node to announce that registration is open. That would make this node not only promoted to front but also the most recently commented node in that class. This still results in the node being on page 2.

Still on the front page are nodes for events that have come and gone.


Do we need to encourage the practice of removing the "promote to front page" status from event nodes that are in the past? Maybe we wait until a week or 2 after the event. I don't know if I like this idea since currently, you can scroll back in time on the frontpage pagination and see what was promoted to front months and years ago. That's pretty useful at times.
Do we need to consider sorting by "recent comment date" for the front page?
Maybe once registration opens... Perhaps we can make it sticky at top until the week or so after the event?

I don't know... I keep thinking there is a way to enact a process here that would keep the most important nodes up top. I rely heavily on the front page of GDO to keep me informed of what's going on. I'd like to see some effort put into keeping the list as accurate as possible.

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IMO it would be fine to make

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IMO it would be fine to make a new post saying that registration is open, or to only make the post front page when the registration is open (i.e. you can announce date on the calendar and in local groups when the date is known and then do a new front-page discussion node when the registration opens).

If we sort the front page by most recent comment date:
1. Our more creative self-promoters would make pointless comments on their posts to get them to the top of the front page
2. The front page order would change a lot and be a little crazy

I like even more ambitious solutions to this problem - why not show 3 or 6 different blocks of content on the homepage including "posts promoted to front page" "events promoted to front page" "hot content" and "most recent comments on front page promoted nodes."?

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