Fortnightly sprint/office-hours to foster Drupal contributions

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There is a great discussion going on formation of Drupal association India and its great that we are taking systematic measures to bring Drupal community closer. I'd like to propose that we parallely improve Drupal contributions from India, lot of Indian Drupal developers already contribute to Drupal and lot many wish to contribute. I'd like to propose that we do a pan India sprint every 2 weeks for the following:

1> Help existing Drupal contributors on effectively managing issue queue, find new contributors and discuss any other issues they face (architectural/code review etc)
2> Help new contributors understand types of contributions and find ways they can contribute. In some cases, we should be able to get new contributors to work with existing contributors.
3> Pick up issues/patches that can be reviewed from Drupal projects we use. For core - Office hours are awesome and I'd like that we dont replicate it.
4> Pick up issues from Active tasks from office hours

For every sprint we can set the focus, but for first few weeks till we get comfortable with this and know each other better lets focus on above points?

Where? Lets do it in #drupal-in IRC channel and if for a discussion we think we need audio/see each other we can quickly spin up google hangouts (though limit is 10 people) or join me session.

What do you think? Will it be useful? I for one would like to know felllow Drupal developers better and see if we can come to a conscious state where whenever we write code, we think if it could be useful to others.



Its a great news...

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Hi Dipen,

Its a great news. It will be useful for everyone.
I am ready for it. I am a contributor and code reviewer at

You just made my day

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That is a terrific idea. If at all we are looking at unifying splinter groups spread across India, this would be the way to go. While Shyamala, has already taken up the leadership in coordinating communication and enabling discussions around DAI, perhaps you could drive this activity with active code contribution support from all geographies !!

Though I am not sure of the frequency, Do you think, coordinating the Drupal meetups across India to be held on a specific day every month, will actually enable you to drive this agenda better ?

For example, we have a Drupal meet up every second Saturday at Hyderabad and I am aware of a similar thing, which happens in Bangalore. Would it not be a wonderful idea to choreograph a meet up across India, on the same day. ( OR any other day as deemed fit). To our own learning, we have observed programmers, not able to make it on working days with a preference to keep their Sundays private.

That way, we will have a specific time to interact, cross pollinate ideas, participate in cross geographic code sprints and hell, get to know each other very very well. It is when this mixture happens that we will generate ideas and leverage the presence of a larger community. This will also enable us to identify contributors who can generate valuable content for any future camps that we may plan to organize. As Rahul had mentioned earlier, he can recollect only a handful of contributors and I am sure there are many more stars in the community who are waiting for a stage which you may like to create to showcase their contribution with content and not intent !!

It is these small things, coordinated activity, combined code sprints which will add immense value to get us all on to a single stage of activity.

More activities?

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At any point there are multiple initiatives going on all the time, we can pick up any initiative and join the meetup. In addition to that IRC meetup, we can follow it up in fortnightly meetup and help each other out to better help in the initiative. For instance, there is gonna be a meetup on 2nd october organised by #drupal-infrastructure - . ( hat tip Arijit Dutta )

There are IRC meetups going on all the time ( ). I believe there will be lots to do in those fortnightly virtual meetups.

Dipen Chaudhary
Founder, QED42 Drupal development

Core Office Hours

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I hope all of you are aware of Core Office Hours:

Tuesday 7:30 AM- 9:30 AM IST
Wednesday 9:30 PM - 11:30 PM IST

Drupal core needs more eyes and more contributors to decrease the very high amount of unresolved issues. We hold the Drupal core contribution mentoring ("office hours") each week in #drupal on freenode

Contributors of drupal core mentor beginners to contribute code: join this team to learn how to contribute.

I am in

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I am ready to support this initiative. We can start off in IRC & then if needed we can do a google hangout.

So next date is Tuesday, October 2nd 7:30 AM- 9:30 AM IST


Siva Kumar Epari

I had something similar in

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I had something similar in mind when I posted ... though may be it wasn't the right thread for it :)


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