Minutes of First DIA meeting

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Decisions made:
We need to have a National Level Association but starting with Strengthening Local chapters. Local chapters are city level and Local associations to decide if they wish to form legal entities.

Below are the actions towards Strengthening Local Chapters:

  • Conduct Drupal day on 14th Oct to invite participation in Local chapters
  • Pull in as many corporates & developers within community for this day
  • Also list out a set of action items that the local chapters want to act on
  • Select 2 or more regional representatives

Update Representatives and local action items at: http://groups.drupal.org/node/256178
Use http://bit.ly/drupal-india-db to track participation!

Next National level meeting in 4 weeks.


Will try to be there.

raj47i's picture

Whats the location?
Any registration process?

Its amazing

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Its amazing. We select @Chakrapani and @Anil Sagar for representative. Good session on multilingual site create in Drupal 7. Thanks to @Jacob for his valuable comments.

* Best Regards,
* Aryashree Pritikrishna
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