DrupalCamp Chicago 2012

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2012-11-10 09:00 - 16:30 America/Chicago
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Register @ http://DrupalCampChicago.org

Date: Saturday November 10th 2012
Cost: $20

University of Chicago at the International House
1414 E. 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/X2PEI
Directions: http://drupalcampchicago.org/about/directions

Why DrupalCamp:
For more than six years the Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group has highlighted the benefits of an open source initiative. We have built bridges between nonprofits/entrepreneurs and resourceful Drupal development companies, independent consultants, hobbyists in the Chicago-land area.

The day-long DrupalCamp allows for a more intensive hands-on focus than our normal monthly meet ups. DrupalCamp brings everyone of all skill levels together for open communication, education, fun, and a relaxed forum for industry networking.

Not Just for Experts:
An attendee-driven format with an array of resources available makes this event unique. Multiple presentations will run simultaneously—geared to everyone from beginners, to hobbyists, to bloggers, to sales teams, to advanced developers. People of all skill levels are welcome and laptops are encouraged.

Need help with a problem, looking for work, or looking to hire Drupal talent? Find someone with a solution at DrupalCamp Chicago. Seating is limited, so register now.

Register @ http://DrupalCampChicago.org

Drupal is all about community, so we need YOU! Share your knowledge, contribute to the community, and highlight your experience to others by submitting a session.

Submit sessions @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/node/add/session

Sponsorships Available:

  • Gold - $1000
  • Silver - $500
  • Bronze - $350
  • Community - $100

Sponsorship details @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/sponsorships

Tell Your Friends!
Let others know you're attending DrupalCamp Chicago by putting one of our lovely badges on your site and ping hashtag #drupalcampchicago on Twitter when you register. We look forward to seeing you November 10th at DrupalCamp Chicago 2012!

Badges @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/badges

Have questions about our event? Looking to contact event organizers?

Contact us @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/contact


Chi-town drupal

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So far it looks like 3 of us from Springfield Drupal are planning on heading up there. Still working out travel and things, but as soon as it's sorted we'll register.

@Slurpee is registration limited?

@carwin Yes.

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@carwin Yes.

4 weeks until camp, 1 week until proposal deadline

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4 weeks until DrupalCamp Chicago 2012! Make sure to register and propose a session before our deadline next weekend. Feel free to utilize multiple people. We're accepting session proposals until October 20th, voting ends October 27th, and we'll notify presenters about accepted sessions by October 28th. As a presenter, you can influence the regional community and help spark interest in your favorite modules, APIs, and more. Presenting at Drupalcon is fairly difficult these days. However, presenting at camp is a chance for local folks to step up, show off what you know, and give back to the community. Not to mention it might help your credibility to present at a future Drupalcon!

Register @ http://drupalcampchicago.org

DrupalCamp Chicago is a unique event because all presentations are sourced from attendees. However, we plan ahead for optimal content. Please be aware of the dates below if interested in speaking. Attendees must register an account and purchase a ticket before proposing presentations.

Oct 20: Presentation proposal DEADLINE
Oct 27: Voting on presentations DEADLINE
Oct 28: Confirmation of presentation with speakers
Oct 31: Schedule announced
Nov 10: DrupalCamp Chicago 2012!

*BoF (Birds of Feather) sessions are not planned ahead of time. If interested in proposing a BoF, please find BoF room on morning of November 10th and write a topic on "BoF Board". Example - http://www.meetup.com/drupal-1/photos/4899772/#78970562

Presentation proposal deadline POSTPONED!

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Forgot to submit a presentation proposal for DrupalCamp Chicago 2012? No worries! The deadline for presentation proposals has been postponed one week until October 27th. Register an account, buy a ticket, and propose a session today @ http://drupalcampchicago.org

Last chance to submit proposals

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Final warning before we close presentation proposals for DrupalCamp Chicago 2012. Link to add a presentation will disappear on Sunday. Make sure to add a session and embrace our community with your story/code.

On another note, ticket registration is going fast. Make sure to purchase a ticket before we run out! Register @ http://drupalcampchicago.org

Schedule is online, 1 week until DrupalCamp Chicago 2012

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Schedule is online. 1 week until DrupalCamp Chicago 2012! Last chance to register and buy a ticket.

View by room/track @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/schedule

View by time/overall @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/sessions

Last chance to register with proper badge/name tag

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DrupalCamp Chicago 2012 is a few days away! Make sure to register now to receive a proper badge/name tag. We're almost finished with badges and will be running our last mass print of badges tonight.

We have an entire day dedicated to Drupal and fun planned. Plus, we'll end with an after party with room for all attendees. Hope to see you this Saturday, Nov 10th!

Last chance to register @ http://drupalcampchicago.org

Forgot to register? No worries!

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Forgot to register? No worries! Tickets are still available. Evey year we see a surge of registrations at last minute and have adapted to be prepared. Feel free to register until the last second, but risk not receiving a proper badge/name tag.

Register @ http://drupalcampchicago.org

Already registered? Log into website and build your own custom schedule of presentations.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow :)