Unix Group-like node ownership solution in Drupal?

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Hey All,

I have an issue that's been nagging me for, years..

Currently still on a drupal 6 site for the one I need this for..

I am trying to find a way to allow a node to be 'owned' (and therefore edited freely) by a GROUP of people, not just one user.

Example. I have a 'page' content type and one particular page needs to be editable by 5 different people, all of whom are in 'marketing' department.

As I understand it, even if i have a marketing 'role' I still can't give the marketing 'role' permissions correctly because I want them to just edit this one page, not 'all nodes of type PAGE'

Anyone solved this?
I looked into organic Groups at one point, but it was a huge project and I still was not sure it would do what I want.

So in summary, what i really want is:
A NODE to have multiple owners.. Somehow.



What about creating a content

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What about creating a content type and a role for those 5 people, and then only assigning edit permissions for that content type to that role?

Or is what you're looking for

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Or is what you're looking for the ability to dynamically assign groups of otherwise unconnected users to any node in general?

Agree with studioarrgh

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Hi - I think making a new content type and then assigning a role to the marketing folks that gives them edit permissions may be the simplest solution.

It is simple. but I have

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It is simple. but I have about 20 content types. its a big site.
Can you imagine X number of Roles time X number of content types?
Real numbers. I have maybe 20 content types and 12 roles.. The math is scary.

The users Could be placed in

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The users Could be placed in a group as a 'role'
the trouble is that the NODE is still owned by ONE user.
so.. Unless i give access to that 'role' to edit ALL nodes of type 'page' the problem remains.

Lets say i have 3 'departments' ...

I don't want to have to create 3 different page content types:

That would get NASTY real fast.

I have experimented with the 'module grants' module. That allows me to add people AFTER THE FACT to be allowed to edit an existing node, but that is a lot of work if i want to make 5 people be able to edit one node.

Any ideas? I'm surprised I have not found a solution for this. Group ownership is such a common thing on unix systems and even others, yet is either lacking or I am not finding it, in Drupal.

What about

Funny thing is.

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Funny thing is, nodeaccess is what i am using. I got mixed up as to what installed module did what. 'module grants' is not (i believe) what is controlling this behavior on my site. At any rate, I am not sure a solution exists to give true 'group ownership' to a piece of content.

Quite surprised this is not built in.

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I have been trying the Unix group/ACL permission type of access for Drupal to an organization that has many different groups that would like to be selective on sharing information. I have tried with Drupal 6, then 7. Planning on looking at the Drupal Beta 8 over the Winter holidays for a solution that needs to be implemented by early January.

My take on this is that Windows is the weak link in implementing group/ACL permissions on content.

Would taxonomy help?

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Could you create a taxonomy list for the role types. Then associate editing capabilities with those taxonomy roles.

For instance, add a selector field on the node and allow the user to choose IT or Marketing or Accounting (from the taxonomy terms). Then set the permissions on the node so users of a particular group can only edit nodes associated with the matching taxonomy term (IT role can edit IT nodes).

Would that work?

Josh Fischer