How best to manage users in ELMS

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I am developing a platform particular to ESL learners and I find that ELMS is the perfect resource for helping me to design useful online courses. The only major issue I'm running into with starting is understanding how to manage users. I would like to setup a method of having students subscribe to a course, with some form of payment system, and then manage their access to certain resources. I would then like them to be able to engage in the course materials and also be able to utilize the CLE functionality. I need this all to be under the blanket of one site. I don't understand exactly the best way to bring this all under one roof and keep a consistent user base.

Any recommendations?


Ubercart + UC Roles + UC Node Access

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Take my advice with a grain of salt as I've just started looking at ELMS myself.

However, I have used Ubercart quite a bit with Drupal 6. You can use it to sell subscriptions to user roles by enabling the UC Roles sub-module. Then you can use one or more of these "premium" roles to control access to various parts of the site. UC Roles handles expiring subscriptions.

For finer control, for instance, granting individual users access to individual nodes, there's the contrib module UC Node Access.

Not sure if that helps?

This comes up a lot (the ELMS

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This comes up a lot (the ELMS ubercart integration idea). The UC formula above would work but personally if I were to build that I'd make a front-end system to talk about courses / sell access. Use an XML data feed to ask ELMS what courses it has for sale, use the front-end site to purchase information and then do a Services request of some kind to ELMS and tell ELMS "hey, this student goes in this course".

You'd also avoid potential issues of your payment system goofing up courses and visa versa (were something to be an issue). Feeds module and stuff included in ELMS (Feeds_ridmap) can help get users into specific Course Versions via data feeds.

If you have further problems please post to the ELMS issue queue.