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Erasmus University College created a new employment website in Drupal 7 (http://vacaturesextern.ehb.be/) for alumni of our university college.

Jobs from the former website (in Drupal 6) were migrated during the upgrade process to Drupal 7.

How does it work?

The site is optimized for employers with job offers. Posting a job offer is free and can be done anonymously, so users don't have to make the extra effort of registering on our website. The form itself is optimized by stripping all unnecessary information, like the input information on the body field.

The content type "job" consists of a title, the name of the company and an email address (private, not visible online), body, an attachment (pdf). With a scheduler field an employee can define the expiration date. In a (limited) list of taxonomy terms, the employee can reach specific profiles and categorize a job by contract type.

Jobs aren't visible (published) before someone of the Erasmus University College revised and published the job. When a job is expired, it will be unpublished by running cron.

Jobs are displayed in chronological order on the homepage and taxonomy pages. Via RSS-feeds, other sites can aggregate the vacancies.

We created a custom, responsive HTML5 theme, based on Foundation 3 (a responsive frond-end framework). Navigation items and content blocks are optimized for smaller screens and mobile devices.


How do you ...

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Congratulations, very nice site. Looks OK, even on my smartphone.
I've a little question.
How will the 'someone of the Erasmus College' be notified when a new job is available ?
Do you have troubles with spammers or bots, because your webform is open to everyone, without a captcha ?

Wow! This comes quite close

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Wow! This comes quite close to the vision I had for a unified jobboard at Lessius! I will certainly use this as an example, hope you don't mind ;-)

pbosmans: I've been playing around with a jobssite for our D6 Lessius website. I had a content type called "job" with some taxonomy attached to it. We could notify the correct person (depending on chosen taxonomy term) by using the rules module with some custom PHP code. If you're interested I can send that snipped, but I'll have to look for it since every Lessius related project is on hold for the known reasons.

And for spammers: I believe Mollom can catch quite some spam messages even without forcing people to fill in an annoying captcha, but I'm not sure.


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@pbosmans & @pietdepauw: Thanks!


  • there are no notifications when new jobs are posted. As new jobs are posted almost daily, someone checks at least once per day new submissions.
  • The webform is open to everyone but till now, we didn't have troubles with spammers or bots. Nevertheless, we had some problems with spam on other websites. We got rid of it by installing Mollom (http://www.mollom.com). An annoying captcha is only shown if Mollom is not certain to classify something as spam or ham (http://mollom.com/how-mollom-works).

Do you actually pay for

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Do you actually pay for Mollom?

No, we have the free option

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No, we have the free option running, which means you have to respect some volume limitations:
- 100 legitimate posts/day and
- 100 correct CAPTCHAs/day.
- The volume of spam posts is unlimited.

We haven't reached this volume limits yet.

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