Mozilla Service Week at Agentic - Come help others and learn about Drupal & other open source projects

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2009-09-17 14:00 - 17:30 America/Vancouver
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User group meeting

Update: Limited places! please RSVP at

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Mozilla service week event at the agentic boardroom, 611 Alexander Street, Suite 308, (Gastown) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5V 1V2, Tel: 604.255.2131

Agentic will supply Wifi (thanks!). Please bring your own snacks, caffeine, and ideas and questions and contributions (remember we are guests so please play nice at the Agentic offices!): Drupal and Thunderbird folks will there. All open source projects e.g. Python, Django, Ruby, PHP, Rails, Joomla, WordPress, Firefox, etc. welcome! All welcome, especially users (and developers) new to open source software.

Thanks to Agentic for the awesome facility! Sorry for the late notice! Full details after the jump

Afterwards we humbly suggest going to one of the many other events that day in Metro Vancouver, e.g. the Surrey Drupal meetup, the Shel Israel event or adjourning to a nearby Gastown pub.

See Francis Pilon's original Service Week post for Drupal specific ideas but more generally, here's what will be discussed in an organic style (i.e. no formal or scheduled presentations, just informal chats!):

  • What is Open Source? Why?
  • How to install open source software
  • How to use open source software
  • Demos

Check out my Mozilla Service Week Story!



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This is honestly exactly what I was looking for.

Can't believe how great the timing is on this.

Really looking forward to it.

looking forward to chatting with you at agentic!

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looking forward to chatting with you at agentic, McElroy!

please rsvp

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Update: Limited places! please RSVP at

see you this afternoon

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see you today at 2:30p.m. today at Agentic in Gastown

Apparently I got some kids to

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Apparently I got some kids to watch. Can't make it.