Newbie question: Drupal for scheduling courses in a school?

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I'm looking for web-based software for a community college to use (internally) to schedule it's courses. Even though it's small it needs to support multiple Deans, 100-150 teachers (some full time, some part time, some not currently teaching but still interested in teaching), and several hundred courses each quarter.

I was wondering if there are modules / distributions set up to do this?
After searching I haven't found anything that's quite targeted at this (the "Conference Organizing Distribution" seems close but not quite right).

Thank you in advance for any help/advice/pointers y'all can give me! :)


Open Academy

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Have you looked at Open Academy (

You could give it a try on Pantheon (

Starting Point

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Depending on the requirements you have D6 or 7 etc., but the main search here:

Is always a good starting point

To local install and test:


Course planner module

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Course planner
by Itangalo on December 8, 2012

This module provides some tools for planning courses in a school context.
The workflow goes like this:

  • Create a course outline.
  • Fill the course outline with sections. Give each section a size indicating how many lessons you plan on spending on each section.
  • Create a course offering, which will use your course outline.
  • Create lessons for one week for the course offering, then repeat these until the end of the course. Change any lessons dates manually if needed.
  • Fill the lessons with content from the course outline.