Suggestion to change group... name

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It sounds too much like "Distribution list for Drupal related jobs"

I suggest something like:

"Installation profile Drupal Jobs" or
"Group for distribution "Drupal Jobs"" or even
"Group for installation profile "Drupal Jobs""



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I actually recommened to Alex to add the word "Distribution" to help prevent excessive job posts in this group. (It's obviously failed.)

I'll guarantee this - any group with the word "Job" in it's name will generate job posts. Period. People who posts these jobs don't care what the group is about. They're not going to spend the time learning about the make-up of the group or reading the description.

Short of changing the Distribution's name, the group could go "Request Membership." 99% of the time I'm against this, and it does require more than one organizer (three would be best); since Alex hasn't been here for a few weeks (judging by his tracker) this option wouldn't be ideal.

When I have time (and the inclination) I'll remove the job posts here and contact the authors. I'll also see if it's appropriate to remove the offending job posters from this group's membership.

I'd pretty much given up on

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I'd pretty much given up on this group, its too bad its so flooded with job posts :(

@silverwing, thanks I'll take these suggestions into account and hopefully turn this thing around...

@silverwing, is there any way

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@silverwing, is there any way I can kick members out of the group now that its closed? and also delete job posts? i can edit them but i cant remove them...



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I hope inappropriate job posts aren't the only reason you're closing this group. These posts are easy enough to move to the Drupal Jobs group.

A few weeks ago I asked about this on IRC and was told that first, we could move the posts and tell the user about the no-job policy of the group. If they don't comply and post again, we (site admins and editors) can then remove them from the group. (If they come back and post, then we can block their account.)

I'm still willing to do this (and there's another group that is having the same problem that I'll do this to).

As for kicking everyone out - I don't think we have a policy on that.

Job posts moved


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