Write Up: DrupalCamp North West

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The North West arranged an amazing DrupalCamp at the BBC in Manchester.

mortendk descended on Manchester to recruit some more <markup soldiors> to help with the move to Twig.

Initially Manchester was to be the last organised sprint before feature freeze, so we were braced for a final push to get Twig into drupal 8 core - luckily with an amazing effort from fabianx and jenlampton and countless others who helped, we got the patch in early which slightly took the pressure away from this particular sprint. So... although code is gold, we decided to make the sprint more of a chance to spread the good word of what we were trying to achieve and more importantly why it was so desperately needed.

Morten went over the Design Principles that were decided upon at BADCamp as well as trying to reach out to the front end community in the North West. I made sure that people understood how they could get involved, explaining how and why we were using our sandbox, who was working on what and how to get involved.

I wrote up a blog post here.

If you want to get involved drop into our #IRC room at #drupal-twig.