Theme development

This is a special interest group dedicated to improving and expanding the Drupal theme system including theme functions and templates, CSS, markup, and how contrib modules add in their functions, CSS, and markup.

for example, we'll take stock of the location and number of CSS files and discuss if the architecture can be improved through emerging frameworks like Object Oriented CSS.

We will consider the questions "What do themers need from Core in terms of CSS? Module developers? SEO specialists?" and "What's new in CSS? What does Drupal support? What's the roadmap for CSS support?"

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Wanted to reference this here in case people didn't see it. We've got module able to go straight from polymer templates to display modes to field UI to rendered output. This completely by-passes the traditional tpl / template file workflow and allows front-end to dictate design to backend (instead of in Drupal where it's usually a mish-mash of both). It's also by-reference so updating your templates sees them updated in Drupal.

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New Drupal 8, button field formatter

Just published a new link formatter for Drupal 8.
Allows to output a link as a Bootstrap Button Link.
Basic configuration can be done on the view mode interfase.
For advance configuration twig template and preprocess are available.

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1000 + Free Drupal themes listed and easy to filter

Hi, I have created which lists all the drupal themes from and they are easy to filter/ search.

Please provide feedbacks to improve the site.

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D8 theme: Ara

I'm working on a D8 theme named Ara.

The idea behind it is to make drupal theming "component based", this will make it easy to reuse and share theming work. Ara also will integrate front end frameworks like polymer and lumx with drupal.

Go ahead try it and look at the code.
I'll be happy to see your comments!

Project page:
Documentation/Install instructions:

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New D8 modules Styles API and Block Styles

Styles API Module allows other modules or themes to register theme templates on a YAML file (replacing hook_theme()) and provide a repository for all themes registered.

This will give more order to theme definitions, taking them away form code.

But moreover in this way themes and modules could gather information of registered themes implementation.

For example a module could add select field to forms, providing a UI to easily assign predefined templates for elements, blocks or regions.

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Visual Content Layout - A very friendly way for creating content layouts in Drupal

Visual Content Layout is a Drupal 8 Module developed to manage text filters HTML content layout and visual elements like iconography, accordions, tabs, non table columns, images, videos, list, CTA’s, etc.

The HTML output of module is based on Bootstrap components and grid system.




  • Open pre-configured sandbox on
  • Click Launch sandbox and wait.
  • Click Log in (email and password should be pre-filled).
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    Bricks module — revolutionary new way of creating rich content in Drupal

    Bricks — is a revolutionary new way of creating rich content in Drupal. Thanks to the powerful contributions like ECK and Entity Reference, Bricks itself is just 100 lines of code.

    In terms of concept Bricks is a new generation of Paragraphs, drop-in replacement for Panelizer and a good friend to Display Suite and WYSIWYG.

    Live demo

    1. Open pre-configured sandbox on
    2. Click Launch sandbox and wait.
    3. Click Log in (email and password should be pre-filled).
    4. Go to Appearance and click Set default near the Bootstap theme.
    5. Go to Structure > Content types > Page > Manage fields and:
      • Edit and Save field_body (this enforces Field API to alter database schema).
      • Optionally Delete useless body field.
    6. Finally click Add content on the toolbar and create your first bricky page!

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    Examples of theme_table() and theme_fieldset() functions in Drupal 7

    In Drupal 7 API there is a chapter dedicated to site theming. From a Drupal developer's point of view, almost everything is done with the help of functions and there are many of them that facilitate theming in Drupal 7, too.
    The most important one is the theme() function.
    In the blog post by our developer, 2 of them are analyzed:
    1) theme_table() – function for table formatting.
    2) theme_fieldset() – function for drop-down list.

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    How to fetch Views total number of records in page.tpl.php before views.tpl called.

    See this image for more understanding.

    I want to fetch Views total number of records in page.tpl.php before views.tpl called. Is it possible to fetch that row total before views rendered? I am also using contextual filter for this view. Views have page type display.

    I have also used module but this will print total number of records on Views header or footer. (Not outside of views)

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    Help: where to find new sub-contract/freelance customers?

    Hello Drupal community, I'm looking for more freelance / contract work at the moment. And I was wondering where good places were to find it?

    I run my own small agency in Santa Barbara CA and I can offer the following services: Drupal module coding, theming, front-end interactivity, custom design, project management, information architecture and more.

    So far I know about Drupal Groups, meet ups, and craigslist. Any other good resources for finding new clients?



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    Design for Drupal, Boston 2015

    2015-07-31 (All day) - 2015-08-02 (All day) America/New_York
    Event type: 
    Drupalcamp or Regional Summit (launching mid May 2015)

    Design for Drupal, Boston is an annual web design camp covering all aspects of design, UX, & theming for Drupal websites.

    New location this year! Microsoft NERD Center at One Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA. Still in Kendall Square.

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    NHDevDays 2

    2015-06-05 (All day) - 2015-06-07 (All day) America/New_York
    Event type: 

    We are proud to announce NHDevDays 2, the second in our series of contribution sprints to be held throughout New Hampshire in 2015.


    In lieu of a DrupalCamp, the NH Drupal group organizers have decided to run a series of code sprints throughout 2015. Each code sprint will be dedicated to both helping newcomers learn the steps involved in contributing to one of today’s largest open source projects, and a venue for existing contributors to help others and collaborate in person.

    NHDevDays 2 - Portsmouth

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    Drupal8 Theme Framework Standalone

    Hi Guys,

    Does any of you interested on having theme framework which can be used in any PHP development using Drupal Form API + Theme API? So imagine you have Silex framework with the power of Drupal theme. The first thinking you will have will be why and how? Let me explain in detail.

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    guidlines for SVG in Drupal 8 core

    Welcome to 2015. The discussion about SVG in core has begun!

    We need input and reviews from devs, themers, and designers about SVG best practices:

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    Drupal8 classy themes template file organization

    Just a heads up We are now talking about how to organize the templates inside of classy, we need input - yes the banana is moving forward :)


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    beginner responsive theme development question

    I have a little experience working with conventional themes and css, but I am new to working with responsive themes. I have installed the Radix theme on a panopoly site and read what I have been able to find about customizing the theme. However, I have not gotten too far. So far I have not found a lot of info for beginners.

    I am not sure the best way to proceed with some simple changes. For example I want to add a logo over the navbar. Do I alter the page.tpl.php file to do this? Are most changes made via bootstrap?

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    Session to the Drupal Developer Days 2015

    Hi everyone, you may or may not have noticed but the sessions proposal has been opened for the Drupal Dev Days 2015.

    The frontend importance is growing from a core release to an other and it's great! But the complexity is also growing, there are more and more topics and good practises to be aware of in order to be a good frontend developer.
    If you are a developer and care to be able to have a discussion with your themer you also need to know that.

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    Changes to Drupal 8 that affect admin theme maintainers

    Happy Friday! I maintain the admin theme in Drupal 8 core: Seven. There have been many changes to Seven in Drupal 8 that affect the relationship between admin themes and modules, and how the admin UI is generated.

    I've always thought that the strategy we've put in place are going to have a positive impact on maintainers of contrib admin themes, but I've never sought out feedback directly. I am now!

    Object oriented CSS

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    Technical solution: Alternative homepage for mobile

    Hi folks,

    On a new site I am building we are using the same theme for mobile and desktop, but for the homepage I want to disable, server-side, some aspects of the homepage when a mobile client appears on our site. The desktop version of the homepage is a very fancy parallax and the mobile version will be function-over-form.

    I'm considering using:

    And using PHP to enable/disable various aspects of the homepage when it triggers.

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    How can we improve frontend sprints at Drupal events?

    At DrupalCamp Ghent, we held a very small frontend BOF, with myself, Laurii, Emma.maria, and guest frontender Xano.

    It quickly became a retrospective on the Friday sprints that took place at DrupalCon Amsterdam. The collective thoughts were not positive. It felt like we fell way short of our goals and potential for the Friday sprint. Drupalcon Friday sprints are about introducing people to sprinting and it feels like we failed badly at that.

    Here were some of the problems:

    • Newbies did not get enough help
    • The few people helping the newbies did not get enough support
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