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What are people doing for donations? It seems OpenAid doesn't support donations out of the box, but these types of sites often require donations.



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Yes, this project needs donations but i don't know why this project has not been updated since 2012-Jul-23. Its about one year that no updates are done for this project and it seems that this project is left or something like this.

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The project hasn't been updated because the company that created the project, Aten Design Group, has been especially busy lately and we haven't yet grown a larger community of contributors who can keep it moving forward. It's not abandoned, though, and we'll hopefully be able to get back to it very soon. We're also happy to see contributions from others, including this discussion.

Donations has been on our list of features since before launching the project, but there's a lot of questions we need to answer before working on that. The two biggest questions are probably donation structure (e.g. membership vs. one-time) and payment processor(s) (e.g., Paypal, Stripe, etc.) So a good first step is probably to talk here about the details of how we'd all use donations to make sure that we can make something that works for the most common scenarios.


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Commerce works nicely for donations - with a few modules

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CiviCRM provides sophisticated tools for non-profits, including donations management, online payment processing, event registration, etc.

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I am investigating integration of CiviCRM and OpenAid for Kabissa. Are there any other parties interested?