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Hey everybody,

If you're following along and interested in Quickstart 3.0, we just posted an update here in our Google Group.
- https://groups.google.com/d/topic/drupal-quickstart/UPjuIXdBGNQ/discussion

Happy Holidays everybody!



QS Intranet as virtual: drush errors

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I am having difficulty getting my Quickstart Drush dl command to work in a stack set up in a virtual machine on a Win7 system.

dl seems to work with "drush dl drupal" but not on something like "drush dl openenterprise"

Should I expect drush inside a virtual server to do this without having to make any server settings changes, etc?

Is there a better place to seek support than this forum... seems pretty dead in here.

Best Regards,

We are in irc freenode

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We are in irc freenode #drupalpro for support

If I am not mistaking, openenterprise is a distro and has to be set up differently. Are you using quickstart1 or quickstart2?

irc blocked by firewall

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Even the web app is blocked where I am.

First of all, My Apologies for posting for help here. Just cannot get into irc.

openenterprise is in fact, a distro. How is the drush dl command different for a distro?

That may be my issue. I am familiar only with drush as it is "magic beans" and will save me a ton of time ONCE I master the arcane syntax. I have looked, but perhaps my methods are jinky. Going on searches in Drupal.org with strings like "drush dl distributions" turns up a bunch of kruft.

There is a good description, but no detail as to exactly how to use it at

The indication is that the syntax is simply "drush dl distroname" from the command prompt. That's what errors on me.

I am running quickstart1 64 bit

These directions only work

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These directions only work for quickstart 1 for a distro

cd to the websites folder. replace 'yoursite' to the name of the site you want

  1. Create virtual host
    drush qc dns apache --domain=yoursite.dev

  2. Create db
    drush qc apache database --domain=yoursite.dev

  3. Stay in the websites directory
    drush dl openenterprise

  4. Delete the empty directory in the websites folder called yoursite.dev

  5. Rename the downloaded openenterprise7.x folder to yoursite.dev (the same name as the empty folder deleted in step four)

Just a note* Usually you would go into the empty yoursite.dev folder and git clone instead of drush dl for distros. However it seems that openenterprise has an issue that I found in the issue queue so steps 4/5 should work.

  1. cd into sites/default and make a copy of default.settings.php the rename the copy to settings.php

  2. In sites/default
    mkdir files

  3. cd back into the main yoursite.dev folder. According to https://drupal.org/node/1419138 you will need to change permissions. This obviously creates security issues but these are the directions they give.
    chmod -R 777 sites

  4. In the browser go to yoursite.dev and everything should be ready to install. The database user is root and pw is quickstart

I have not tested steps 6-9 as I no longer have quickstart1 on my computer and have not used openenterprise. However steps 1-5 have always worked successfully with other distros. If any of these steps do not work or need to be modified, please post them here as it may help someone else in the future =)

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