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Hopefully this is just my inexperience.. I had TAC and Workbench installed, Since workbench handled the state changes but didn't handle if a user could see the content, I decided to see what other options there were.

I have now installed workflow, TAC and rules. I am using TAC to control if content is seen by roles. I have created three workflow states. Draft, Needs Review, Published.

I have created rules so that if a node changes from published to needs review, then an action of un-publishing that node should be performed. But when I perform this action nothing is happens.
Workflow acknowledges the state change but the content is still visible to all users. any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Answered my own question somewhat...

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Well as usual, the minute i ask something, I turn yet another google corner and find the answer. Here is a link to Mustard Seed Media's pod cast talking about workflow and rules. It helped me greatly. Here you go . it covers rules and workflow in drupal 6 but the principles still apply in drupal 7

Still isnt showing unpublished

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I want it to show unpublished in the summary view regardless of the owner as long as the role has permission to view that content


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