Can't install modules

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I am very new to drupal, and have decided to use quickstart to avoid fatal errors on my live site. When installing a new module, the update module asks for server connection details. All the standard usernames and passwords don't work. I have used root, example_dev, root@localhost as the different usernames and quickstart as the password. What could be wrong?



I would also like to know the

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I would also like to know the answer to your question.

In the meantime, drush is easiest way to install a module.
1. Open the command line
2. Navigate to the folder through the command line
cd websites
3. type in: drush dl module_name
(example: drush dl cctools)
4. type in: drush en module_name
(this will enable the module)

For more drush commands such as to clear the cache
drush cc all

Drush is the way

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I had some friends over to show 2 of them how to set up Quickstart; and the only methods of installing modules were either to include them in the make file before the site was created, or to use Drush. The other 'normal' methods did not work for us either (pasting in the URL nor downloading the tar ball)...I think because QS was not meant to be accessed via FTP (my guess). When you do open the bash window, don't forget to cd into the websites folder.

Another note: FTP could be installed in your virtual Ubuntu environment; but it is "extremely insecure" and probably not included on purpose in QS.


Yes and Yes

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@jamesthequack is correct that Quickstart does not include an FTP server. The reason is not so much that it represents a security vulnerability (though that is true) as that it's not a necessary component of a development environment. You could install one, as he says, but it's much better to get accustomed to using Drush, which is the preferred tool for almost everything. Visit for more information or type drush help from the command line for interactive help. @C13L0's instructions for downloading a module are a good start. :)


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thanks all. was initially just unsure of the drush commands, but using drush now :)