Dec 09, 2012 Meetup Minutes

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Am so excited to see drupalers on our 3rd meetup in Puducherry. We had lot fun and discussed about drupal's theme functions and basic php used in theme layer.

It is so amazing to learn about drupal theme functions. All of us shared our own experience about it. It gave me nice idea and I gained knowledge to work in theme functions.

One of the things I would like to share to my fellow drupalers, we are learning drupal by self-taught but if we meet up and share that knowledge then it will be so useful to all of us.

Thanks for participating in our drupal community.

Syed Riswan


Thanks for the minutes, Useful buddy

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Hi Syed

Thanks for summing up the meetup minutes and helpful to track our progress as a whole. Had a good time on our theme function session.

with regards


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