Distribution Sprint: SandCamp 2013

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2013-01-24 10:00 - 2013-01-26 18:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Note that the sprint is held at 2 different locations.

Thursday location:
Sage Tree Solutions
752 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Friday-Sat Location:

Co-located with SandCamp at UCSD, La Jolla in Ballroom A.

If you're a new to contributing to distributions, fear not! This is an opportunity to receive some in-person guidance from distribution maintainers and dig in on development!

One focus of the sprint will be on making progress towards updating Drupal Commons and the Conference Organizing Distribution to Drupal 7.

If you're planning to attend, please sign up to this event and leave a comment saying what you plan to work on!

If you'd like to sprint remotely, sign up here and join us on IRC in #drupal-commons and #drupal-cod channels on Freenode.

Location is TBD, but will either be UCSD or near Downtown San Diego.


COD on D7

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Hi Ezra,
COD on D7 is what I'd like to work on again. I'll be down there. There might be another guy, myke, who can join us via IRC from Sacramento.

I vote for UCSD location

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Close to the hotel and I won't have a car. But you're the boss on the location and if Sage Tree is expecting you then I'll work something out.

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Hi, when using Drupal for large scale events, time is of the essence when you have a long line of volunteers trying to check in 5 minutes before their shifts.

We were using the signup module for a large event, and having to load a user's shifts, then waiting for an entire page to load, takes longer than it should. Especially when the only Internet available onsite is through either 4G or LTE.

It would be amazing if COD on Drupal 7 could be extended to support a 1-click check-in, using jQuery or AJAX to reload just that part of the page (similar to how the flag module works). This would really speed up checking large numbers of people in from multiple locations. =)


One Click Check-in

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So this would be a modification to that module that is included in COD via the cod_support project. It 's one of the things that kind of takes time to figure out with a distro like this is exactly where the work is supposed to be done to get features like this into the project.

Oh, AND building out a

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Oh, AND building out a feature in cod_support to turn that on.

Another suggest improvement for COD / Drupal 7

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Another idea would be to support a local server sitting on a LAN with the computers doing the registration / check-in, with copies of the database pulled in on a schedule... This would enable lookups if the Internet temporarily went offline on-site (and believe me, it will =) ).

So if UUID's were added into COD, and this was used to allow parallel writes to copies of the database that can all be synced up on a master server, then each check-in area can have it's own local server handling lookups / check-ins that automatically sync to a master server.


The uuid project looks like it supports entities with uuid's.


UUID module is part of the D7

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UUID module is part of the D7 version of COD. It doesn't currently get enabled by any of the Features, but it's there.

Venue Information: Please read

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Please note that the sprint is happening in different locations on Thursday vs Friday-Saturday. The body of this post has been updated with location information. Thanks!

Carpool from UCSD area to Thurs Sprint?

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Is anyone driving from the UCSD area to Sage Tree on Thurs? Myself, japerry DyanneNova are looking for a ride and I imagine others will be, too.

I'm hoping to arrive before 9am so I can attend a quick phone meeting before the sprint starts at 10.


Will be in IRC to help if I can

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Wasn't able to pull the trip down to SD and SandCamp, but I'll be on IRC on and off all day so I'll see what I can do to help.