Make it Happen - Contribute to Station D7

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Those familiar with CIVICRM will know about the the make it happen campaign. I'm fervently hoping we can do something similar in this group.

I am with a London community radio station and we're running D6 with station module. We would like to be running station or something similar on D7. We are more than willing to contribute (in dollar terms) towards

(a) porting station module to D7
(b) the development of a similar or better module

Station has served us well on D6 but I'm sure a lot of us who are using station would like to move to D7 and perhaps get one or two features in the process. Are there any other stations in this group that would be willing to join us in this? Are there any developers who are willing to take this on? For the developers out there how much would it cost to devote time to this?


funding / Station D7

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I'm the Station Manager at CHRW (the station mentioned above). Is there anyone working to complete the port of Station module to D7? I can contribute $500. Maybe others can as well as suggested above? Reply to Gabari (above) if you have technical questions - I am not a programmer and I don't have enough background to discuss particular issues.

Did fundraising help (or happen)?

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As we're looking to do something similar for a Drupal 8 port, I'm curious if fundraising helped or even happened with the D7 version. I'm assuming station is stable and very well used?

Gus Austin