Does Drupal's RDF implementation support Graph databases?

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I hope this isn't a dumb question, but do the drupal RDF* modules support having a separate RDF database like Neo4j or others?
It seems that any full-scale semantic application implemented with Drupal will very quickly grind to a halt if the data is stored in an RDBMS.
If there's been any discussion, drupalcon talks, or similar on this subject, I'd be very interested to click on that.



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Hi tinflute,

I would suggest you to take a look at the conStruct[1] module which is a Drupal interface to OSF (Open Semantic Framework) [2].

The current stable version of OSF is 1.1, and it uses conStruct for Drupal 6. However OSF 2.0 will be stable and official soon and it will use conStruct for Drupal 7 (better integration with entities, search api, views, etc).




thanks for your reply

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thanks for your reply Fred.
It's not clear from your response or from the construct module page which Graph db or misc NoSQL db is support by it?

Hi, OSF is a set of tools

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OSF is a set of tools that utilize RDF/Ontologies as its canonical data format.

All the OSF capabilities are exposed as webservices endpoints via the structWSF software.

structWSF itself is using a series of tools to support the features exposed by the web service endpoints.

At its core, you have two system:

(1) Virtuoso
(2) Solr

Depending on the task, the web services will use one of the system, or the other. Virtuoso is what keep the canonical version of the data hosted in a OSF instance.

What conStruct does is to query the structWSF web service endpoints, and present features and data to the users.

The systems are abstracted behind web service endpoints, but everything that come from the WSs is RDF.

This means that your portal is bound to the limitations of Virtuoso and Solr. But in a clustered topology, this limit is hardly reachable except if you want to index the World's data.

Hope it helps :) Hopefully we will get to re-design the websites to make this clearer once we officially publish OSF 2.0



got it. virtuoso &

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got it.
virtuoso & solr.
that's pretty much what i wanted to know.

I've been trying to

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I've been trying to generalize the SPARQL module to work with any RDF store. Right now it only support the local MySQL ARC2 RDF store which has its limitations. I've developed a RDF indexer for Stanbol, and plan to generalize it to work more RDF stores. (You can see a preview of the UI in this screencast). It will use the search API as an indexer (like search_api_stanbol). So to answer your answer, it is not available today, but should be in the next few weeks.

Thanks scor for an update on

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Thanks scor for an update on the bleeding edge.
I'll check out those links.

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