Drupal Sprint Weekend

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This weekend folks are gathering in over 30 communities around the world to participate in a global Drupal sprint weekend http://groups.drupal.org/node/277768. Members of the Twin Cities Drupal community (pretty much anyone reading this) that wish to participate are invited to join us at:

• Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop
• 530 SE University Ave, Minneapolis
• Sat. March 9th 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Look for us in the far back of the coffee shop. We're expecting a small group of about 5-6 participants, but welcome anyone who wishes to join us. We're a mix of beginners and experienced Drupal users and will be working together on a couple of small projects. This will be a great chance to learn more about how you can contribute back to Drupal.

Just bring a laptop and your enthusiasm for Drupal. If you have questions or need directions, contact Tim at 651-246-5045 (tim@politalk.org).


We're Here

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Three of us have gathered so far to participate in Drupal Sprint Weekend. We're expecting at least one more and hoping others will come.

We've got a large table in the far back corner of the coffeeshop with several open places, so feel free to stop by and join us - even if just to say "hi."

It's a great day for coffee and opensource!!!

Tim Erickson


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Thanks to those who came and to everyone else that was with us in spirit. We had five people attend and accomplished the following:

1) Installed development environment and GIT on one machine
2) Installed GIT on another machine
3) Re-Rolled one patch to Drupal Core
4) Tested one patch to Drupal Core
5) Rewrote/fixed one patch to Drupal Core

Good results for a last minute effort. Personally, I will sleep deeply tonight satisfied from a good days work! (Unlike our friends at the Nerdery who won't be sleeping much tonight at all).

There is some talk of doing this more often, which I'm very interested in. We'll let you know next time we meet.

Tim Erickson